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"Tape study is absolutely maddening on Saubert as it roller coasters from eye-popping potential to lapses in concentration and effort as a blocker. Saubert's speed and athleticism will get him open and he should test well at the combine. Teams will have to balance the flashes with the drops and decide how early they want to pull the trigger on a tight end with starter's potential but a low floor." — Lance Zierlein,



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Meets the athletics requirements.
6-5, 254 pounds, 4.69 40-yard. Did well at the 2017 Combine.
Drafted in fifth round of the 2017 draft. Only five receptions with the Falcons.

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This from the Falcons' fan board.

Not terrible.

Eric Saubert
2018 receiving stats: 5 receptions, 55.6% catch rate, 48 yards, 9.6 yards per reception

Saubert was talked up as a candidate to emerge and contribute in the run-up to the season, but for the second straight year he was largely a forgotten player. That will hopefully change under Dirk Koetter, but there are reasons to believe Saubert might be a more useful tight end going forward.

As a receiver he’s very much a work in progress and showed that, contributing minimally on limited snaps and making at least one major error with the ball in the air in 2018. PFF ranked him as a below average tight end in his limited opportunities, which is fair.

It’s the blocking, surprisingly, that distinguished Saubert late in the season. He threw some huge blocks late in the year and has the athleticism and strength necessary to be the team’s #2 option even if he’s never going to be much of a receiving option, and I’d like to see him get first crack at it in 2019. If he can’t be a more consistent contributor next season, he’ll be in danger of being cut heading into 2020.

The Falcoholic’s 2018 Falcons positional review: Tight end

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The Pats averaged 400 yards of offense & scored 34 & 31 points respectively (albeit some ST help) vs. the Bears/Packers with 1 reception from a TE (Gronk inactive).

TE is looking like a potential disaster until week 5 but is not necessary to run the offense. Start Izzo as a 6th blocker in Dwayne Allen’s role until Watson is back. Gordon returning would go a long way as well.

Guessing this trade means LaCosse will be out an extended time.


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I remember a few years back from his Draft Bio I stopped reading from right here " Tapes littered with drops" yuck.


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If he can make the catch that bounced off Izzo's hands at the goal line...YAY! Stidham should have had another TD pass there.

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Maybe being signed as a blocking TE ?


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If that report of good blocking is correct, Izzo is definitely screwed.
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