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Player Signing Patriots To Add OT Riley Reiff

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Dec 3rd


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As it currently stands, the Bad News Bears had a better pitching group before the girl showed up than the OT group of the Patriots.

Are we at the point where we need to move up in the first to grab one of the three elite LTs, like Broderick Jones?

captain stone Retired Jersey Club
Can't have girls in lingerie in here. That would have to be in the pub as this forum is public and the site will get flagged.

(Still - let's not create a thread with that in there either ;) )

Pity... That was the best post of the Patsies' free agency period so far.
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Sean Pa Patriot

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TomPatriot Supporter Supporter
This twaddle-fluff tells me Absolutely ****ing Nothing about this old dude's ability to still play the position at at least a league-average starter's level... But maybe that's what da Bears FO man was saying, without actually saying it...

Hoping for the best but I'm not seeing it. Not sure he's better than Anderson at this point in his career.

patfanken Supporter Supporter
Just thinking.

The Reiff signing to me is just one of 90 the Pats have to make. Right now it looks like the real benefit of the signing is the guy's leadership. His PFF stats aren't horrendous. Just 4 penalties in over 540 snap, and 3 sacks allowed. But clearly entering his 13th season this is likely a 2 year deal that is really only one. Doesn't move the needle a bit.

Interesting that Brown is still out there. I want him here if only for the Bellichick/Zeus connection. The guy is going to want at least 20MM/yr. I say give it to him even if its a bit of an overpay., if only for the fact the guy is a good OT that doesn't get hurt. The best way to do that is to trade Trent Brown if you think OBrown is an upgrade. Save yourself around $10MM in cap space and get yourself the bedrock of a LT for the next 4 or 5 years, add another 3rd or 4th round pick, and hope that one of myriad mish mash of OTs we now have on the roster works out.

goheels22002 Supporter Supporter
Nice for depth, but we still need to draft a tackle
Drafting a couple of OL is a good probability if the Patriots use most of their draft picks. The good news is that they have enough draft capital to move around in the draft and get the guy they want.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
So we are going for quantity or quality for the tackle position. I hope not much of his contract is guaranteed

Real fan 02

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Yes, that's very true.. I'm wondering is brown the highest paid lineman we have? Pretty much got Andrews resigned for pennies compared to what the market is today.. in my opinion Andrews is an all-pro..
@Boomer B.

Andrews contract is 4yrs/19 million.. that's not a bargain?? He actually has a ring on his resume Trent Williams, David baktiahri who are great O line men, but don't have any titles make significantly more than he does.. My point was had Andrews signed this off-season he'd be able to cash in..

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