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Patriots have the #1 defense (PPG) in the NFL

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I can't remember a turnaround like this from a defense in a long time, this D is playing like a genuine top 5/10 defense now, i thought earlier in the season they weren't as good as their numbers.

Now they're playing like their numbers.
Your opinion has done a remarkable turnaround not the defense.


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Yeah but look at all the YARDS we allow... :/

I mean what if we're in the Super Bowl and we win the score by 3 and hold the other team to no touchdowns but the other team rolls up 500 yards on us?

They suck then.....


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People really need to get a grip. How well did that bend but don't break thing work out in 2007 and 2010?

Eventually this team is going to have to make a stand against a very good offense with a playoff game on the line. If you feel comfortable in that situation, with the talent we have here, you are delusional.
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