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KDPPatsfan85 Supporter Supporter
Mac will like be out this week again. Hoyer most likely out this week due to a concussion. We only have ONE healthy QB in Zappe. I really think we bring in another QB this week to back up Zappe. We cant go into the Lions game with only one QB. Which QBs do you think we sign? There are plenty on teams practice squads. Could we bring back Garrett Gilbert from the Redskins PS?


Just Another Guy Supporter
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If Tua could start 4 days after getting getting blasted to the point of gross motor instability, Hoyer should be able to at least carry a clipboard a week after getting his bell rung. (JK)

I suspect Mac on one ankle will probably function as the backup.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
There's no question Zappe will get the start. They won't enter the fray of the Tua controversy. I mentioned Gilbert last night. He makes the most sense - having been here all last year on the PS. I don't really want anything to do with Cam-drama this year. I hope Mac will be back by next week's game @Browns. So, if we can cobble 1 week together and squeeze a win out vs Lions, that will be huge. That said, if Mac's ankle really is as bad of high sprain as initially thought, I don't want him back until the Bears or Jets. If that's the case, it's going to be living and dying with Zappe. The kid better study up!


Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
If Hoyer is healthy I think Bill goes back to him. I would much rather see Zappe but I don’t think it will happen if Hoyer can go.


Degeneracy Expert Supporter
I see Bortles is on the list in one of those articles posted here. BB liked him a lot in the draft, I wonder if there's any remnants of that feeling left at this point. I remember McCarron was supposed to be a Patriot type QB, but as far as I know the team never had any interest in him.

crawhammer Supporter Supporter
I'm willing to bet Hoyer passes concussion protocol in time for Sunday's game. That said, he's probably backing up Zappe. If Jones is still out this week then they'll be compelled to bring in another quarterback until Hoyer is a definite go.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
At one point I would have said "no way Bill starts Zappe over Hoyer" ... however, it seems that QB is an area where he is "uncharacteristically not himself" ... Starting Brady over Bledsoe, cutting Cam and going with Mac, Maybe Zappe>Hoyer is a possibility? Especially if Hoyer misses practice time.

Hyped Supporter Supporter
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Twist my arm and I'll say bringing in Cam for a week couldn't hurt....if pressed into duty...he can still run the ball.

With us signing Collins earlier today...I think no QB will be picked up....


On the Game Day Roster
Mac will like be out this week again.


2022 Weekly Patriots Picks Winner Supporter
I hope Mac starts but if he can't go then I prefer Zappe. Sign Garrett Gilbert just in case. He knows the Patriots as he was with the team a bit in 2014-2015 and again in 2021. I thought he was good with the Orlando Apollos in 2019 (no that's not a joke. Ok if it's funny it's a joke).


ctpatsfan77 Supporter Supporter
Danny Etling? I don't remember anything about him, but he probably knows the offense.
Etling is on Green Bay's PS. The Patriots can sign him to the 53-man roster (if he's willing), but then he has to stay there for at least three weeks.