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Player Signing Patriots are signing Garrett Gilbert

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we still should have, at the very least, brought in

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for a work out...
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Speaking of Mills he's been kinda bad this year and it's looking more and more like he's a 4 game wonder from last year.

I'd take him as a backup to Mac if the Texans pull the plug. Nothing wrong with Mac feeling like there's competition even if there isn't.
Honestly him and Mac aren't really all that far apart. Mills career passer rating is 86.6 and Mac's is 89.9 and so far this year Mills's passer rating is 80.4 while Mac's is 76.2. Throw in the fact he was drafted two rounds later than Mac Jones he is a bargain.


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Seriously, you believe he has anything in tank?

I think his time in the NFL is sadly done. Guy got blacklisted like Ive never seen before
No, I dont think he has game left. Maybe five years ago, but not now.

I just figured posting Kaep would make a few here clutch their pearls.

And it did.


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Well he's from that really famous QB factory known as SMU. This has got to work out, right?

Reminder - the last QB this school turned out to make the NFL was Josh McCown in 2002.