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OT: Zach Wilson benched officially


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Damm - not good for us. I have never seen a starting QB play that bad before - excluding one off games.

I think there is a good QB in White and thought they were hasty in sitting him last year. Hopefully I am proven wrong.


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I wonder if the Jets trade him for a 4th rounder in the off-season two years after drafting him with the #2 overall pick.

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As a defensive coach Saleh must have been livid after he learned what Wilson said.

As a HC he needs to attitude-adjust this entitled, unaccountable, leader-less punk

That was the nail in the coffin.

Good for him.

MormonRyanLeaf won't even be dressing Sunday... Bim announced Flaccid as White's backup vs da Bears during his late-morning PC today...
Charlie Weis earlier & especially Rich Gannon later were each reaming Punky a new one on the Sirius/XM while I was running a pre-Thanksgiving errand... Gannon even believes that McMILFson might still be the starter if he hadn't made those post-game comments, that's how badly he might've fractured the locker room...


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If my numbers are correct since 2000 the Jets have drafted 4 QB’s in the first round and 2 in second round. A lot of misses, the best of the bunch may have been Chad Pennington


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