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Dec 3rd

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I reject it as an unworthy thought, but from time to time I find myself wondering if Bill might be angling to ensure Mac has another bum season. Giving Mac a c--p O-line and a WR room in which half are old cripples would be a way to accomplish such a thing, wouldn't it? Bill has demonstrated, after all, that even in a Super Bowl he's willing to sacrifice the needs of the team to some petty snit of his. But I suppose it's out of order here at the Belichick Shrine to bring that up again.

No chance. Belichick's tenure is tied to Mac Jones' performance, IMO. Another bad year, I think Kraft will make the difficult decision to cut bait and let BB surpass Shula elsewhere.

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Bill swapped a 4th for Jermaine Elmanure & a 6th but couldn't do the same for a superior player?!? Un-****ing-acceptable.


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Josh Jones is actually a + player in pass blocking and run blocking who really improved last year after being moved to from RG to RT. RT is his more natural position much like RG is Onwenu's natural position. I could see he being gotten for a 5th or maybe a 5th. They're not getting a 3rd for him.

Now. That being said, Jones has some warts. He did give up 4 sacks and 27 total pressures. He also had 9 penalties. I think his issues are completely fixable.
Sounds like Josh Jones would fit in well with our current O-Linemen I am just saying. :rofl:

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