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Official Post Game Thread- Texans beat the Pats

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1. Cam Newton can definitely throw when the playbook is opened up. See today and the Seattle game. Take out his 3 covid games and he's got some efficient passing numbers.
2. Byrd and Meyers should be the starting WRs.
3. McDaniels forcing the offense to Harry today over Meyers was total horsesh-t, again. Meyers should be the #1 WR and get the most targets, especially against blitzes.
4. The total lack of even trying to develop any of the rookie TEs into the passing game in the entire year of 2020 should be reason enough for a new offensive coordinator.
5. Damien Harris with only 11 carries. Harris not getting 20 rushes every game is inexplicable and pure idiocy from McDaniels. Texans had the league-worst runD giving up 170 yards/game but McDaniels kept trying a spread WR offense.

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Well, we were way better in the 2nd half, but Cam is not the answer and there are just too many holes on this roster.


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Gunner brain fart at the end on the return - that’s on the coaches.

Will be interesting to see if they move on from Josh. I think they’d have to consider it.

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Better pray Wynn is ok. RAC schooled BB. Better players but he schooled him. I still think they can beat AZ


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My nightmare scenario this season wasn't going 2-14 or just barely missing out on the playoffs. It was getting stuck in draft purgatory with something like a 6-10 to 8-8 record. We are pretty much guaranteed to get that. We had no shot making the playoffs the minute we went down 2-5. I'm pretty sure the Jets threw a game against us at the end and then we beat the Ravens in a monsoon. So now we are a completely screwed at repairing this team this off season

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Tough loss. We just didn't play as well as they did. Our defense wasn't great and we didn't make enough plays .I sound like Bill. lol

Not sure where we go from here. Is Cam the answer, do we play Sitdham? This one hurts though......

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He should listen to you


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That was depressing. Defense played better late but so many things we could have done better. There is no point in handoffs to White. This is a known fact by everyone except the patriots. We need to throw it deep more often.
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