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Nov 1st

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Has anyone seen Pete Carroll with his face mask on at any point tonight lol

Boomer B

2nd Team Getting Their First Start
1 SB / 1 MVP...perfect situation, Reid play calling, Hill, Kelce, Watkins, Hardman, Hunt, McCoy, CEH, Williams, top 5-10 OL. Does Mahomes take SEA to the NFCCG/SB??? No. Would Wilson win the SB win KC? Yes..besides the 50 TD season, Wilson’s stats have been better & he’s a winner. You sound uninformed..

I sound uninformed?!! You start watching football a few years ago? Perfect situation for Mahomes, sure, but what the hell did Wilson walk into? Best D of its era, great running game, and a damn good coach. Trent Dilfer could have won that SB that Wilson won.

So what’s he done since? Threw a pick to lose a SB the next year. Hasn’t been back to the NFC championship game since. He’s never even had an MVP vote. He’s a damn good QB, but he’s not Mahomes. Mahomes in 2 years won an MVP, a SB, and a SB MVP. He’s the best QB in the league, Bruh.
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