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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Dolphins @Pats

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And that's game over, but there's plenty we should be happy about. First and foremost is Mac Jones has proved beyond a doubt that he is the real deal.


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I'd be upset but I didn't expect much from the team anyways. I had them at 8-8. Not sure after this game they even win 8.


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Well no one here wanted them to lose, but we can't overcome penalties and turnovers anymore with this offense. The key point is Mac played well in his first start. Does it prove anything? No. But it is better than being crap.


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Boy, looking at the stats, there's virtually no way you'd expect that they lost this game. It's ALL down to 2 fumbles and penalties at the wrong time.


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Lost too many games with ball security late. If we keep fumbling late, teams are going to keep tackling the ball.

Mac played great, but we are going to need to take some shots. Maybe OL issues stopped that. Miami made everything a drive - nothing easy

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This really fcking pissies me off, cleet blackmon always fcks us over. theres no way the fins played that error free of a game.


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Miami was not good in this game except for the red zone and that carried the day. Harris' fumble was shades of Buffalo from last year. Gut punch.
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