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Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal
MORSE: Patriots at Seattle Pre-Game Report
Mark Morse
Let Wilson Cook! That has been the mantra from Seahawks fans. Russell Wilson is the only NFL passer to thrown for 30 TDs in each of the last three seasons and the only passer do to it consecutive seasons.

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jimnance Supporter Supporter
Mark, thanks for the Wilson stats on his difficulty w. 2nd half comebacks. Useful.

HOWEVER.....I agree Pats need long, sustained drives. That usually requires a strong run game. Which they have,though
it will be stronger when Harris returns.
You were doing fine up to this point.

But then you state the Pats need to pass more on 1st and 2nd down because " last week they were only 23rd in that category".
Um, they WON the game. Dominated,in fact.

Throwing often on 1st and 2nd down is not a formula for successfully sustaining long drives. An incompletion or two and now you're in obvious passing situations.

As weak as seahawks cbs are, you are still making it way too easy on their defense.

I agree 100% about a lot of play-action, but again- that requires a strong run game.

You also stated Cam needs to run much less before he gets killed. I disagree as regards this game. They NEED him to run as much as possible. Yes, they need to cut down his carries as the season goes on- but not for this game. Once Harris and Gunner are back and the offense has had several games under their belt, then you can find ways to reduce his carries. Until then Pats need him to run.
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