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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread - Pats @ Bills

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Because this is such a big game (For First Place) , I thought I would start the gdt early today so we can discuss. Who's ready?????????? Anyone going?

A win today and we're in the drivers seat for a division title. We need to be able to run the ball tonight, probably a big dose of Harris and Rham. Our defense
has been creating turnovers, would be great if we could get a few tonight as well!!!! Does the train keep rolling, can't wait for the game!!!!

Hoping Mac plays well and of course no injuries!!!!!!!!!

Go Pats!!!!!!

Let's discuss.


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It's only 3pm. There's still 5 hours till the game. I can't concentrate at all. What's everyone's snack tonight? I'm thinking of chips and mango salsa.


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Biggest game in almost 2 years, and they'll only get bigger from here hopefully.
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I love the optimism, but even if the weather was not expected to be crap, it would be a VERY unlikely output.

TBH, the most important thing to me is that Mac does not turn the ball over. If he does not, we are in good shape... you know Allen will give us a least one.

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Taylor GASHED Buffalo. I’d love to see NE keep it on the ground. Their OL is clicking, the top backs are running hard, and the weather conditions suggest running might be a smart move.
What we really want to do is throw to lighten the box. Almost any team can stop the run if you come out and run every first and second down.
Over-attacking a weakness makes it no longer a weakness because the defense overplays it. If they bring 8 into the box they will be able to stop the run but if we are balanced we are running against a neutral or light box.
In other words if you run 50 times against a weak run D you are begging them to sell out to stop you, but if you have balance and run 30 times you will run against an advantageous front much more often and be more successful.
Same reason you don’t throw at a bad corner 30 timed a game because you will be throwing into doubles. You dictate him into single coverage and torch him 10-12 times.
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