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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread - Pats @ Bills

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denverpatsfan Supporter Supporter
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Wow. Big win. Nobody thought they could win in Buffalo. Jim Kelly. Thurman Thomas. Bruce Smith! Wow


Pro Bowl Player
That was an UGLY win. But I'll take it.

Not much to discuss here except we ran the ball a LOT. This was a throwback game worthy of the 1970s era football. I believe the Pats join the 1973 Buffalo Bills among the teams with fewest forward passes while still winning.

Brewskies Supporter Supporter
Thank you, NE Patriots players, BB, Josh McDaniels, and Steve Belichick. I was scared. It was close. I am glad I didn't have to write a negative post about strategy and clock management. I will take a 4 point win anytime. If I was a Bills fan I would be pissed that we couldn't score 7 points (TD + point after) or (two field goals) considering where we were on the field.


Huh? Supporter
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The defense is for real.

The running game is damn good.

The game plan was ... unique ... and effective ... and a bit arrogant. BB just said his can beat yours with half an offense.


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Mcdermottt - "what are you gonna do just run the whole game" ? Belli - well no we might throw once or twice.
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