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Some popcorn for you Bleacher Report fans, from someone who claims to be a Patriots fan.

First off, the title is "6 Ideal Trade Scenarios for the New England Patriots"

I present them in a particular order. :D

No, he doesn't even bother to specify which draft picks. For any of them. :rolleyes:


Plus he really seems to have a thing for the Iggles, as you'll see in a moment.

Now, the second-worst of the six:

Apparently this author is not aware of why the Patriots didn't put Vollmer on IR this year.

And then the absolute worst of them all:

:ban?: :mad: :bricks:

Dude is a Pats fan. :bricks:
Marc Freshman's Sportswriter Profile | Bleacher Report

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I present this article without further comment, other than this:

NFL Draft 2012: Finding the Perfect Backup Quarterback for Tom Brady | Bleacher Report


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captain stone

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From Buffalobillsdraft:

1A Vontaze Burfict

1B Vinny Curry

2A Janoris Jenkins

2B Ryan Miller, OG, Colorado (been performing poorly at Shrine game practiced)

3 Robert Turbin, RB, Utah St.

I like Jenkins and Turbin (Trent Richardson lite), hate Burfict, think curry will be ineffective and think Miller is a late rounder UDFA type. And boy does he have some weird rankings. Moving on.

How more Fail does this look now?


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Personal issues aside Janoris Jenkins will be a good player. His film against Julio Jones and Aj Green are pretty good but I don't think the guy can stay out of trouble though.

Yeah...pretty much. I mean, if you can get tossed off of Florida despite that much talent, you're a genuine f**k-up. Leopards, spots, etc. On talent alone, he's a top-10 pick.


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Yeah...pretty much. I mean, if you can get tossed off of Florida despite that much talent, you're a genuine f**k-up. Leopards, spots, etc. On talent alone, he's a top-10 pick.

I don't think him or Michael Floyd will be on our board. Good players if they keep their head on straight. Not worth the risk. You can get a solid citizen in the first without taking that gamble.


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Charles Davis of NFLN who is just awful to listen to had us taking David Wilson RB VT @31. That's over drafting him by a half a round or better for a guy who isn't a good pass blocker or receiver and had issues with the coaches. I cannot stand Davis. I just want him to shut up so I had hear more Mayock.

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You've gotta be sh!tting me.
Another RB? In the first fecking round?
I don't think that even Bill would do something that stupid.


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I feel like Jerel Worthy is more of a BB type DL though. Stopping the run and holding your ground has always been the #1 priority amongst our DL.

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Granted, not a mock draft, but FAIL nevertheless:

Could the Browns trade the 4th pick? | WaitingForNextYear

ill disagree with tron in that, im ok falling out of the top 10, but would be reluctant to get into a 'next year's' picks scenario. WANT NOW.

so who's got multiple 1st round picks?

not happening.

yeap. after years of trading back, it would be very 'belichick' to spend some of his hoarded picks and either claiborne or blackmon fill big needs for them. pats have 4 picks in first two rounds (saints #1; raiders #2) and also ryan mallett as a 3rd string qb. i think the pats have the ammo and need to put together something that could enable the browns to plug several more holes.

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Tim K.
Wow. I imagine it would be a tough sell trading down that far, but trading #4 to New England for a haul of #27, #31 and #48, plus Mallett would be impressive and adds up pretty well on that Trade Value chart we all keep hearing so much about. . . .

A great scenario would have the Browns trading down to #6 with the Rams and picking up a 2nd rounder from them and then hoping the guy the Patriots would want is still there at #6, and then they'd still be willing to trade the aforementioned package to the Browns for that spot.

The delusion is strong in this one. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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I don't mind drafting the DT out of Washington, but the Wilfork trade bait blurb deserves a big, fat ROFLcopter.


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Rob Rang at CBS has us taking Jonathan Martin - T - Stanford at 27. With Courtney Upshaw still on the board. Has us taking Perry at 31. Wouldn't need him if we took Upshaw at 27. If this board plays out, I hope like hell we trade up for Still around 23 from 31. Keep 27 and take Upshaw. I'd give up 63 to move up If I get a 4th back.

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I'm curious, what did you think of his play when you watched footage of him?

I like him but I think he might be a better fit like Dwight Freeney type 43 DE where is sole purpose is to go after the QB. He also has a damn good spin rush..kinda like Freeney.


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Rob Rang of produces his latest mock draft and he splits the Patriots' top picks between offense and defense.

At No. 27, Rang slots Stanford offensive tackle Jonathan Martin to the club.
"The Patriots are in good position to handle the expected retirement of Pro Bowler Matt Light at left tackle because they drafted his likely replacement -- Nate Solder -- in the first round a year ago," Rang writes. "Martin, who protected Andrew Luck's blindside his entire career, may lack the athleticism to remain at left tackle in the NFL but could switch sides and handle the heavy pass-blocking responsibilities that would come in blocking for the Patriots."

He also took Nick Perry, a 43 DE, to us at 31.

2012 NFL Mock Drafts -

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Rare that a fourth-round pick can be FAIL, but someone managed it:

This is a draft with trades, but inexplicably the Pats don't make any. :rolleyes:

27. New England: Nick Perry, OLB, USC
31. New England: Mark Barron, S, Alabama
48. New England: Brandon Thompson, DT, Clemson
62. New England: Dwight Bentley, CB, La. Lafayette
93. New England: Jake Bequette, DE/OLB, Arkansas

I won't get into a question of whether this is WIN, FAIL, or Meh, but, after five straight D picks, this mocker finally decides to address the other side of the ball:

126. New England: B.J. Coleman, QB, Chattanooga

With Hoyer and Mallett still on the team.


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