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Sep 24th

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Look, they're facetiming!

That gives us so much confidence!

For the sake of dolphins everywhere, and their privacy during intimate moments, I hope it takes much longer than 4/5 months to heal.

Coming soon in 2024.

'Dolphin fu*king healing adventures.'
'Expedite the healing process for only $667.00.'

'Mention Joe Namath, and you get a $1.00 discount'
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“I saw sum big improvements out of Zach today and think hez turned the korner. Juss need the line to block better and better weaponz. Hez a leader no doubt and ARod is going to help him. I see big things coming. Hez gunna develop.”
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Bill Lee

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The natives are already grouchy... Woody ain't gonna like tomorrow's back pages...

ARLINGTON, Texas — Meet the new Jets offense, same as the old Jets offense.
In their first game without Aaron Rodgers, the 2023 Jets looked a whole lot like the 2022 Jets. They struggled to move the ball, reached the end zone just once and leaned on a defense that battled but could not completely stop a potent Cowboys offense.
The end result was a 30-10 loss that was not even as close as that score indicates.
Despite the Jets pumping up Wilson all week, he played a lot like the quarterback Jets fans saw in the middle of last season as the Jets tried to play around him.
Wilson was 12 of 27 for 170 yards with a touchdown and three interceptions.

No juice boxes for you, Punky!


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