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Dec 6th

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I rewatched the game today. I’m impressed with that Rams defense. They took away the screen game, made the run tough, covered well. They just had trouble with Edelman but who doesn’t?

The officials were okay. The screen pass to Burkhead in the first was called defenseless receiver. I didn’t really see it that way.

We called two timeouts in the first quarter which ended up accomplishing nothing.

Our offense has flaws. Hogan has fallen off a cliff. They don’t have much of a role for Dorsett. White was shut down.

Our defense was even better than the Rams. Guys like Shelton and Hightower played poorly this year but they had a great night!

I’d like to see the all 22 for this one. I know we closed the middle on most plays but I couldn’t see it all.

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4 of the 6 SB victories have come when the team started 2-2 (01,03,14,18). Only in 2004 (4-0) and 2016 (3-1 no Brady) did they have a better record, Keep that in mind the next time they go 2-2 and experts proclaim "it's cliff time".......
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