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I'm a die hard fan of the team and given the modern/Free agent era we are in, it's remarkable and not likely to be repeated - Sorry Patrick Mahommes,

But, even I would have to say the Celtics winning 11 of 13 seasons from 1957-1969 would have the be the gold standard of excellence. For a close second (and maybe even first given how hard it is to stay at that level of conditioning, I might have to go with Michael Phelps Olympic run. One thing to compete in an event or two, but in as many individual ones he did and win gold - jeez)
I said the history OF THE SPORT meaning football.

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Accepting it would have violated his principle of rejecting individual accolades.

That award is now a joke anyway, previous recipients are two golf players, two ass sucking reps, and a ultra right wing radio host.

it's been a popularity contest ever since it's inception.........up until now, awards were given to people who had a social impact......lately it's an award for helping one person

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Bill Russell never lost an elimination game. In college. Or his entire pro career.

Yeah, the Sixers series in '67 was in five, and the Hawks in '58 was in six. Russ severely sprained his ankle in Game 3 and that doomed us.

In very modern Patriot-like fashion, Red Auerbach said, "You can always look for excuses. We just got beat."
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