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Asante goes off on Bill/Pats organization

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Dec 6th

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No more Twitter, he finally speaks! He tells a heated confrontation between him and BB regarding his contract, says Bill holds players back, players are lying on how “good” it is and too afraid to speak up on how they’re treated like “s***”, Tom is the reason Bill gets away with signing “random players”. Is he registered on this board?

Wow! This is just the beginning boys and girls. Great timing with FA coming up right?

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Bitter NE players that were happy to sacrifice to win while playing are now out of football and wish they had the money instead.

Ive always said that you cant drive or live in a Super Bowl ring.

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Do the "I deserved more" ex-players ever discuss the deeper rosters Bill was able to afford because he valued quality depth more often than not over the marginal on-field gains that might be realized by breaking the bank to retain certain stars?

Does Asante ever mention he was part of 11 playoff wins/3 SB appearances/2 SB champions with NE and only 3 playoff wins with his higher paying teams the rest of his career?
Side bar:

Is it fair to say, given his Daddy's Patriots-centric flame throwing escapades, that Assante Samuels Jr's New England draft board ranking has taken a bit of a hit?