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2021 NFL Free Agency/Trade News & Discussion: March Edition

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How about them Cowboys


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I would guess we are going to sit on that cap space for a potential QB move. Not saying there are any good ones available, but we have to keep the options open.

bresna Supporter Supporter
Sanu gets so much **** for getting his ankle wrecked one game after being our best receiver against the Ravens (his second week in NE).

He had offseason surgery on it after the season ended. I don't think there is much to evaluate him on. It was a wasted pick but for injury reasons which is an entirely different beast than someone ending up just sucking (ie. Ochocinco).

On a punt return no less.

bresna Supporter Supporter
Well Juju, Davis and Mims is a very talented trio. Better than anything we have. QB is the big question mark for the Jets. I’d hate for them to draft Zach Wilson, that would be a tough offense to stop.
But it is the JETE.


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Wonder why it's taking so long to publish Brown's final contract #'s. He's still shown at $14M on OTC. Playing hardball on renegotiating contract?

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A more realistic option could be:
We need to draft a an in round 1. Mariota would only be an enormous upgrade over newton as the an waiting to be benched.
I could see Mariota keeping the rookie on the bench all year if he clicks in the offense.
with newton we will be shaking our heads before the leaves turn brown.
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