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NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Wild Card game discussion: Bucs @ Football team

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Sep 12th

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Game was never in doubt at any time.

Felt the same about Super Bowl 53 and that was “close” on the scoreboard too.

Maybe but we're talking about beating a 7-9 team that played a backup QB


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Brady was tremendous. He had 2 TD's dropped plus another 3 or 4 balls. None of his throws were in danger of being picked outside of the ball tipped by Godwin. Tampa needs to clean up redzone on offense.
I don’t know if they were nervous because normally they excel in the RZ. They are one of the best team in the RZ


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Any given Sunday/Saturday...Wilson lost at home vs a less than 50 % Goff this is the playoffs anything can happen. Besides that how would you grade TB12 performance individually?

He made some nice throws, but again, WFT is a team that barely made the playoffs.


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Eh. Pats were going nowhere this year with or without Brady. It’s just nice to see the GOAT in this situation and a great chance to win it all. Which they will, IMO.

Idk how you’re so confident with this horrible pass defense. Reminds me of some of those pass defenses we had where brady had to put 40.