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Dec 6th

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2019 Weekly Picks Winner
My job is great, we are cranking out houses. Sorry to hear that you had Thanksgiving st MacDonalds, that’s pretty sad. Did your mom take you?

His mom took one look upon delivery and dropped him in the nearest outhouse. A hungry coyote snagged him thinking lunch but spat him out, unfortunately. Drunk hillbillies then found him by the roadside and the rest is history.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
Not sure where to put this but Mac is ranked top 5 in PFF, not too far behind Tommy Boy

and PFF has a weird grading system. Lets go traditional.
Brady 10 games
Yards 3177 3rd
YPG 317 1st
TD's 29 1st
Qb rating 104 5th
QBR 65.3 3rd

Mac 11 games
Yards 2540 12th
YPG 230 20th
Td's 14 15th
Qb rating 94.7 16th
QBR 49.8 19th

I think you need a closer comparison for Brady than Jones.

Now stop talking about Brady in the main forum, take your stupid argument to the Brady forum and you can try to convince them that they are close.