Where will Tom Brady play next year?

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Where will TB12 play?

  • Jacksonville

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Cleveland

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • Cincinnati

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • Denver

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • Minnesota

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Los Angeles (Rams)

    Votes: 2 1.8%
  • New England :)

    Votes: 87 79.8%
  • He Retires (Ian Added This)

    Votes: 17 15.6%

  • Total voters
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Fun thread :)

I don’t think BB and Kraft want to extend Brady to a 3 year contract, let’s speculate who is willing to sign Brady to a lucrative contract...


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I think there’s a much higher chance of seeing him retire rather than seeing him in a competitor’s uniform.


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Florio had an article yesterday about San Francisco. As we know he is from there and that team is stacked. Interesting point Florio made is that the Niners could dump Jimmy G. after this year with no cap issues, as his contract was really just a two year deal and then team option. This may sound crazy in the surface, but I was at a 49ers game and he is not a good fit for Shanahan’s system despite the team’s success. He looks very out of place there and his numbers aren’t great at all...he has 7 TDs and 6 INTs.

Brady to the 49ers in 2020 can’t happen, can it?

It’s unlikely, but it should be an option on the poll list. I mean Cincinnati? Really?


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Brady will retire a Patriot. I cant see him going to a new environment and starting from zero at his age ,,,only place ,and the Only place would be by his home ,,SF .
But after all he has achieved I dont know if wants to play for another.
I pray for his good health and to retire a Patriot with 8 Rings,,,and than call it a day.
He will play 2 more Seasons.
I promise ,,I will fly all the way from Bahrain to watch his last game ,,,because I believe he will announce it before his last Season,,whenever that is.
Can you imagine how the World will take notice ,,,' Tom Brady's last game ',,actually bringing a tear to my eyes now thinking of it.


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Not sure why you’d have LA (Rams) up there, but not the Chargers. The Rams just signed their franchise QB to a mega deal, and the Chargers don’t even have a QB under contract for 2020.

Anyway, let’s hope this never happens, although I think he’ll retire if we win the SB again.


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99% sure he will not retire. Why?

Because he said 100 times he want to play 2/3 more years.


99% Here.

His trainer just bought a house in Plymouth MA.

IMO.He will look other teams and will not find the perfect spot to move. Family. Bussiness. Coacinhg. Team. NE is better.

Cleveland, Rams and 49rs have a young QB. They will not change that for 2 years IMO.


Jacksonville is tied with Foles.They will not commit almost 60M in 2 QBs. It is insane.

DEN is years alway to compete again. Just traded their best WR.

Cousins is playing really well. They will not commit almost 60M in 2 QBs. It is insane.

Chargers/TEN/Bears are the only options outside of NE
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None of the above - it has to be Indianapolis.

I'm pretty sure Briskett is on a one year prove it deal, Poolian said he wanted Brady because he had him graded as a first round pick, and I'm pretty sure Giselle wouldn't mind moving to that sprawling mid-west metropolis, renown world wide for its vibrant arts & krafts community, multiple Golden Corrall restaurants AND The Red Lobster, and numerous Four H fairs & TB12 gets to start his assault on winning over pmannings fanbase in americas heartland...


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The Kraft family usually does not get involved with personnel matters but they will influence Brady's future. #12 is the unique face of this franchise and because of him and BB they have made the Kraft's billions of dollars..

IF anything he will retire from here, and somehow the Kraft's will make him part of the Patriots organization in some capacity... #12 is the personification of this brand..


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I chose Denver. Why not ? Elway has cognitive challenges to overcome, some of the options were weird, and neither (1) retired, nor (2) RLKAG were available.


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Here or retires is my guess. Everything else makes no sense imo. But whatever he does I'll wish him luck. The guy has supplied my family and friends with a lifetime worth of unbelievable fanhood memories.


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I’m starting to further buy into the belief that he is going to retire, especially if he wins #7 this season. If he were two years younger I could see the possibility of him going to another team but at 42? It would just surprise me a lot.

Only way I could see it is if someone like McDaniels got a good HC position on a team that could contend with Brady. But even then.


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I think Brady covets too safety and has a 10 yeat hall of fame defensive career for the Browns, bringing them to the superbowl on 50 interceptions returned for TD's every season
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