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Trade!! Cardinals send OT Korey Cunningham to Pats for a 6th round draft pick

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It was the Cardinals, not the Bengals. He played for Cincinnati in college.

Mike Tanier (@MikeTanier) Tweeted:
So the #Cardinals are trading offensive linemen TO the #Patriots.

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I like any swing tackle candidate with more upside than our current ones.


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I dunno much of anything about Cunningham, but the prospect of Skipper being one Cannon injury away from starting was scary enough that I can only assume this is an upgrade.


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I like it. He was good in college and than was meh in AZ. Frankly I suspect their ability to coach prospects up isn't the best.

I expect to see a few more trades before this week in done. Both Roberts or Wise would fetch a very good IOL guy. That is our greatest need at this point. While a TE be nice with our big WRs as long as we have a guy who can block like Izzo I really think Watson is good enough. Upgrade if possible there but IOL is the only true need.
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