These threads are so bad I wish mosslost were here

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What happened to this guy? His username no longer comes up when I try to @ him. Did he delete his account?


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I miss him. But he wasn’t always kind to mods...

RLKAG forever.


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In my soccer forum, the mods put up a thread on people who get banned so we can **** talk them

Here, we create threads for people who ~storm out and lose passwords

Ah the first world life


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I'm genuinely, emphatically not that account. I'm outspoken about not being that account because I feel bad for the person who is behind it that a few people think it's me. I don't think I've ever done a gimmick account here.


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The mods, and I think Dikembe too, confirmed Dikembe wasn't an alt account.
I know, I’m just messing with him because it’s been brought up so many times.


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I’ve said this previously, but without getting into too many details, that was a disappointing situation. Banning anyone is never done unless absolutely necessary as I’m the only one who has the ability to remove someone. So if someone is removed, hopefully everyone knows that I did everything to avoid it.