The Official Patriots vs Bronco's Game Thread

2020 Patriots Season:
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Next Up: vs 49ers
Pick Results: SF: 28.4% at NE: 71.6%
Oct 25th

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your an idiot, sorry just being truthfull. EVERYONE PLEASE READ ALL MY POST IM PHEREIN, thanks
I've been on this board since summer and I've already been accused of being a troll a couple times. Say anything critical, you're likely to get jumped on. Someone disagrees with you, you must be a troll


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And Peytons duck sails past Sanders. Grind this clock out, put Jimmy G in and take Gronk out


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Third time stopping the best O in the league on fourth down. And people have the nerve to say this D wasn't great today? People are going to have yards. The rules are conducive to yards. It's about points. They have scored 21 points. C'mon.


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wow pats have a lot of QBs in the next month, but todays performacne gives a huge confidence boost to the defense
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