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Please post your comments, knee jerk reactions and insightful observations regarding today's 2014 week 9 game vs the Denver Bronco's. Please do not start other threads concerning or during today's game as they will be merged or deleted.

Game time is around 4:15 Pm, at Gillette, and will be televised on CBS..

Please read Ian's thread, which is a sticky, week regarding conduct on the game thread. Please act accordingly if you want to be around for future games. :cool:

The weather today could be factor with temps in the low 40's 50's with winds and showers. According to the NWS winds are suppose to be 15-25 MPH with gust up to 35-40 MPH. Sounds like a replay of last years weather only not as cold.

Let's hope for a good game, with no injuries, and a Patriots victory.


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I don't know why maybe because I live in Denver but I always dread this game...all the **** I had to listen to this last week ugh
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