The Official Patriots vs Bronco's Game Thread

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Pick Results: NE: 35.8% at BUF: 64.2%
Nov 1st

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I don't care what any Bronco says after this game, but this game casts doubt in their minds, IMO. They built this team to beat NE. They came in here intent on sending a message to NE and the NFL world. "We are better than them. Our offseason was better. Our QB is better." NE just stood there and said, "No."
I have to agree, and they had an injury on defense,.


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Absolutely ZERO pumping of the Brady/Belicheck/Patriots tires.... Not that it matters at all, but Nantz and Simms would be having an absolute field day if it were the other way around. Keep them away from patriots games, please


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wait..... so you take 3 timeouts and you run on the first 2 plays. I guess Manning is just running the plays that's being called.
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