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2023/2024 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
OT: Bad news - "it" is back...
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  • haha nice research, it also means brotherhood in Indo-European. My name is christopher, and that was Christobol pherein or Χριστόφορος or Χριστός (Christós), and φέρειν (férein), "bear": the propure for f' is PH so pherein in greek, but you hit on the head. Its to bear or so bear luck as I say.
    Pending today's result, bear us lots of good luck! Finally got curious...

    Pherein - Meaning Of Pherein, What Does Pherein Mean?
    Hey, thanks man.
    You've got me all enthusiastic about it now, I reckon it's just gunna come down to dollars but I'm getting close.

    Thanks for the email and I'll keep in touch.

    BTW you might get a note from a moderator as I hit the "report" button. I thought it was a reply button. I shouldn't use my iPhone without glasses. Sorry.

    Keep up the good work.

    just so you know I have dyslexia , so do not always type competent. Ill try to correct my email to you
    Dude you should. You can make it anywhere on a good bike that has parts wourld wide.
    Its a life time experience because you meet people along the way, and get into situations that are important , I think. In a car or other transport, you never smell, see, and feel the environment around you, and you stop alot on a bike, so talk more , and eat in places you never would have.
    Im planning a 2015 bike run from Hong Kong to Mongolia :) Ready cant describe it. Your just on your own or with friends, and that all you got. Its cool im late to, lol

    If you want in on the trip let me know, but there is alot of time, and if funds are short we have helped eachother before.
    For me riding the bike is just the nessary skill I have to master to do what I want, and see what I can.
    Funny enouph riding a motercycle is never about the bike, unless your fake ( Harley riders) and want to look cool, its about what you want to do, or adventure to see, and the bike is perfect tool for that.
    Yes mate. Still am BTW.
    I live in West Oz and Broome is about the only place i've never been too. I'm looking at getting away and toying with the idea of biking around Oz. Just looks an awesome way to travel. I don't ride (yet) but it's getting close, kids getting older and all.
    Sorry about taking so long to get back to you, i didn't realise this worked like a message board.
    umm I think it was 2007, thats a friends bike same as mine,,,,,only my bike is better,lol.
    a BMW R 1200 GS Adventure. Wicked fun, deserted, and beautiful place. You form under ?
    Nice of you to say, and I agree colston always been under rated in his career, and his injurious are minor. I would be fine to see him in a Pats jersey and happy, and I'm sure he would break records there.If you get him, you will be so lucky, he's a good player. Yeah, we will be fine :) but we will miss him.
    Colston deserves a good ball club, coach, and QB like NE if we can't pay for him, he's that good, and that selfless. It would be so fun watching Brady pass to him also :)
    hey just wanted to say thanks for your input about colston. its nice to talk to a fan from another team without going down each other's throats. Truly a breath of fresh air. and yea im hoping that the pats can pull the strings on Colston. Saints have a lot of talent to fill the void also with lance moore henderson meachem and lets not forget jimmy graham. saints will be just fine
    Good luck,sat,pherein.....Tell Drew to watch those fumbles!.....Only way Seahags can beat you.See you in Dallas(I hope).
    Peter(Machiavelli) aka italia44
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