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Arialgg Supporter Supporter
Shut up buddy. You live a sheltered, sensitive life.
C’mon man- calling someone (specifically a person of mixed race) a “mutt” is disgusting and in incredibly poor taste, to say the least. You don’t have to like him- call him Kermit, chipmunk voiced, a whiner...but that term is crossing a line. It’s not being sheltered or sensitive, it’s just a modicum of decency!

Joker Supporter Supporter
I've never used the word myself for any reason (aside from maybe referencing a dog). But why would it automatically be considered racist?
It's only racist to object to it being used because Italians use it in normal profane discourse, since I was a little kid...and earlier. So, to call someone racist for saying "mutt" as a derogative implies you HATE half of my family. Maybe everyone should STOP pulling this stupid race card crap every time one's feathers get ruffled.


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
It was borderline

It wasn't

People make such a big deal about if someone turned their head but the question I have is how much of kelce did the defender interfere with and did that prevent the catch?

Answer is none. Play was clean

I'd lose my **** if that decided a Patriots superbowl


Burn it all down! Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
OK. Gotta ask because I didn't watch the game.

Was the DPI that Kelce drew ACTUALLY DPI? Or was it just another case of him getting away with one like he did against the Pats?
Totally real. DB with back to the ball made contact with Kelce before the ball got there and totally prevented him from making a realistic attempt at a catch.

primetime Supporter Supporter
I've never used the word myself for any reason (aside from maybe referencing a dog). But why would it automatically be considered racist?

I mean, he used "mutt" because it was a specific pejorative reference to Mahomes as mixed race. He didn't call him an *******, Kermit the Frog, loser, whatever other insult you want to throw his way. It was a specific reference to his parentage.


Eff you, Shula Supporter
2019 Weekly Picks Winner
No "in the grasp" on THIS play in the Goodelliverse...

but, as you all saw, Garropollo was "in the grasp for a 1/10th of a second!!!! IN THE GRASP!!!"

strange how this the power going off for 20 minutes as SF was MURDERING the murderer in the Ratbird/9ers Super Bowl
I thought about this when they made the call tonight.

primetime Supporter Supporter
wait mahomes got mvp, with 2 picks and a fumble?

The bar most have been REAL low this time.

Brady won the MVP with similar issues in his statline before. QBs are just the default, and Mahomes had a rushing TD on top of that.


Pro Bowl Player
And Mahomes wins MVP !!!! How precious.....this movie was written in the off season and nobody could write a different ending. I don't whine this much about the Refs but it was atrocious today .