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NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Super Bowl 54: Game Discussion

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Who will win the game outright?

  • 49ers

    Votes: 104 60.5%
  • Chiefs

    Votes: 41 23.8%
  • RLKAG (don’t care)

    Votes: 27 15.7%

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Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
Here’s the point I must get across.

The most important pass of the game winning drive was Watkins blowing past Richard Sherman.

The game winning play was Richard Sherman failing to stop a TD at the goal line.

It couldn’t happen to a better guy

Joker Supporter Supporter
OK. Gotta ask because I didn't watch the game.

Was the DPI that Kelce drew ACTUALLY DPI? Or was it just another case of him getting away with one like he did against the Pats?
pass was uncatchable but the 9er defender DID face guard him...I didn't mind the call, I just couldn't stand the hold after hold the KC offense got away with in the 4th quarter.

primetime Supporter Supporter
Hypothetical Niners Brady either would have won the game tonight walking away or never made it to the Super Bowl because he'd refuse to try to get on the same page offensively as Sanders and Samuel and honestly the question of which one is the truth is the question that plagues the Patriots moving forward.


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He’s right that Brady would have won that game tonight. But the rest of his post has zero logic. They’re paying JAG a King’s ransom. How the hell would they dump him?

Skip is the worst analyst I’ve ever seen but I guess it’s pretty funny that he posts **** like this.

Patriot Missile

Pro Bowl Player
Credit to Mahomes. Incredibly clutch to come from 10 down with like 7 minutes left. That is a mark of a truly greta QB. He will likely dominate this league for a long time. KC now becomes a choice destination for UFA.

Jimmy's 4th quarter performance will haunt him for a while. He is not in the same tier as mahomes. He stood like a statue in the pocket in the 4th quarter tonight. Inexcusable on that last play to not have something more creative worked up. He also missed Samuels on the deep play that could have won the game.

People can blame Shanahan for not running down the clock but damn, when they throw it with 8 in the box its a favorable matchup which your qb should be able to exploit. That last drive was inexcusable when they were down 4. Treated it like they were in 4th and 10 on all 4 downs. They had so much time, didn’t run it when the KC defense was in pass protection. Made no sense.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Mahomes won three postseason games, trailing by 24, 17 and 10.
That is Bradyesque. Have to give it to him, on third and 15 he comes up with a huge clutch throw to the woman abuser.
The difference between him and JG is enormous. He moves around in the pocket so well and is tough to bring down. JG against a tough defense looks like a statue and does not move.


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I've never used the word myself for any reason (aside from maybe referencing a dog). But why would it automatically be considered racist?
I think it begs the question as to why you’d call Mahomes a mutt. It’s tough to explain how it’s not racist.


In the Starting Line-Up
not sure what hurt more, Seeing Indy win it all in 2006, seeing Denver win it all in 2015 or seeing KC win it all now.


Pro Bowl Player
OK. Gotta ask because I didn't watch the game.

Was the DPI that Kelce drew ACTUALLY DPI? Or was it just another case of him getting away with one like he did against the Pats?

it was dpi, defender never turned his head. That said, officiating was pretty one sided in this one. Missed a big pi on a kc db covering sanders and bosa was held all night.


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Yeah Brady would have won that game but Skip's tweet is a master troll job

Niners aren't dumping Jimmy and Brady's not going there.