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So Brady was chapped with McDaniels?

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Dec 1st
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On reading this, it's hard to know who was worn out by whom? And also hard to know what constituted the "deteriorating rel." apart from Tom's apparent desire to have more control over play-calling. In any case, more words devoted here to their love fest than to their clashing.


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McDaniels was awful last year. Perhaps it was the dreadful personnel but I can see Brady being frustrated. Her game plans were putrid except for the second game vs the Bills.


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next weeks article "Belichick blocked McDaniels from HC interview as part of master scheme to get rid of BradY"

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"He was wide open, Tommy".......I remember this from 1-2 years ago.

It wasn't a BOB-level confrontation....but had to rub Brady the wrong way.

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2022 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
I don’t believe anyone is a victim of their emotions. Our intellect controls our emotions.



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Nobody seems to ever talk about how McDaniels was the one who told BB to draft David Thomas, Garrett Mills, Chad Jackson, and Laurence Maroney. It's just never brought up.

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Brady was not allowed to deal with many of the sorts of problems he'd dealt with in the past, per earlier reports (remember the reports about him having to turn to the sidelines in order to get someone to deal with wayward receivers in camp?). We also had these types of news dribbles around Brady saying that he was just an employee.


So it's not really surprising that there was less of a closeness last year. How much, and to what effect, is where the questions need to be addressed.


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Nothing but baseless speculation from a nameless source and from a guy who is a known Brady fan and Belichick hater. Honestly doesn't matter anymore. #Tommy wanted to leave and the feeling was mutual. Best to move on.
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Brady is my favorite athlete in any sport, ever, but it’s only May and I’ve already got severe fatigue hearing this and that about a guy who just didn’t want to be here any more.
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I am gonna go out of a limb... real thin one... ready?

Brady didn't want to be here anymore. Discuss. :rolleyes:


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Yeah, okay. After winning multiple superbowls and running historically prolific offenses together, Brady finally had enough of McDaniels... sure...
100% Love 6 SBs. If the relationships deteriorated, so be it. Many alphas coexisting so long is amazing. To me, it’s a wonder BB-Josh-Brady made it work so many seasons.

I can’t be in the minority in thinking the FEB 2021 Super Bowl was out of reach whether they had Brady or not. Brady defied time so long it boggles the mind.

Always take the winning. If it makes for a few hard feelings, no worries. Winning > everything.

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Anyone else think their might of been tampering by the Bucs thru maybe his agent.
Bradys attitude sucked all season I said it before he was mentally checked out.


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I don’t believe anyone is a victim of their emotions. Our intellect controls our emotions.

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This is not true. Our "intellect" resides primarily in the frontal cortex. By the time information reaches the frontal cortex, the limbic system has already attached emotional keys to the experience. In other words, by the time your neo cortex can form the idea of a lion in front of you, you're sympathetic system has already primed you for the fight of flight response.

That said, our intellect does play a huge role in how we react and respond to our emotions. It can also, over time, influence the emotions that the limbic system attaches to sensory experience.
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