Saints FB Michael Burton tests positive after flight to Detroit

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Oct 25th

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Saints reportedly found out tonight, after arriving in Detroit, that fullback Michael Burton has tested positive.



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re-test comes back negative...


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Good deal.

While I don't believe COVID is the magic bullet/death sentence foisted upon us by the CDC and the media, I'm glad for the league's handling of it.

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re-test comes back negative...

I'm sure that will be responsibly reported by the media...

I watched the end of the Pats/Chiefs AFC title game last night and the ticker had something along the lines of "Patriots QB Cam Newton has tested positive Covid 19 along with KC practice squad QB"

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LOL... er. shouldn't they have to do best of 3? I mean, as I recall, it's equally likely to return a false neg as a false pos. Erring on the side of "oh thank God we can play!" is not the best policy for containing spread and (to the extent possible) extending this misbegotten season. Err on the side of caution and give him a best-of-three re-re-test.