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Raiders Release Clown Brown

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Sep 12th

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mosey threetupu

Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
A few others have said as much - I am inclined to pass on Brown with Gordon around. Yeah, Brown is crazy good, but he's also just plain crazy. I'm honestly more interested in providing a stable environment to foster the health and development of Gordon. It would be depressing to throw a guy like Brown into this mix, maybe win ring #7, but have Gordon lose focus as a result or something.

Maybe I'm being sensitive or something, but I would simply rather take care of Gordon than try to "load up" even further the day before Week 1.
If having AB around is going to send Gordon back to the bottle something else will anyway.


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I do think Rosenhaus will try to get the Patriots to take him on, and I think he will try to get Brown to embrace the idea, but ultimately I think he will go to Dallas
The Patriots 1-Year Special is definitely what you’ll find in the “break glass in case of emergency” frame in most NFL agents’ offices.

Hyped Supporter Supporter
What if AB signs a one week deal with one different team every week...for example, he could sign with the Pats...catch a few TD's vs. the Steelers...then be cut on Tuesday and sign with the Chiefs for week 2 vs. the Raiders....and be cut to sign with someone else for week 3.....

mosey threetupu

Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
There is a MAJOR difference between Moss, Dillon, Gordon signings by the Pats. They all had their warts but none of them put themselves above the team or acted towards an organization like AB has acted. AB seriously sounds as if he has some mental issues and his beliefs are WAY out of line from the Pats philosophy. You can’t change a persons beliefs easily. No amount of winning will change his view about himself. He acted this way in Pitt too. Seems like they did a good job covering most of it up. I firmly believe AB will cause more problems than it is worth.
Moss admitted he quit on the Raiders.

PlanB Supporter Supporter
hey Google guy, can you hack in to the Alexa on Belichick's desk and give us updates?


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I'd say he could suit up for you guys by tomorrow night....But hot air balloons go like, 15mph tops. Alas.


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I started to laugh but stopped immediately because this is not funny anymore, he is seriously missing some marbles above the neck.


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If one of our top receivers suffered a season ending injury tomorrow I would not be shocked if they looked into AB.
To be honest, I wouldn’t be shocked if they haven’t already had preliminary discussions about the possibility, injuries or not.

mgteich Veteran Supporter
Miguel type question. Since he's not on anyone's roster as of 4PM today, then teams don't have to guarantee his this season's salary or am I age befuddled again?
He is allowed to sign before 4 (new rule). In any case, AB would make sure that he got a bonus that gives him the guaranteed money.


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As much as I would like the Pats to take a flier on AB, they already have two out on DT and Gordon. Eldeman, Gordon, DT, and AB would be too many mouths to feed so one would have to go. Would you rather have DT or AB? AB is better but DT could be solid on the field and will be quality in the locker room.

Biggest issue is AB's love of recording conversations and posting them. I just have trouble seeing BB overlooking this. Saying more than 3 words to a reporter is already a benchable offense, imagine if a player posted one of BB's conversations?
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Patriot Missile

Pro Bowl Player
Pretty sure they aren’t signing him. I mean even if BB has a minute inkling to reach out. How is he supposed to? He recorded a private players only locker room video on facebook live. Mocked the organization and gm by posting standard discipline on instagram. Had to be pulled away by Burfict of all people in a heated argument with gm. Records his coaches private phone call and posts it to youtube.

I mean really people? Just stop. There is no way in a million that he’s coming here. Trust is a huge aspect in the way BB runs this organization. No way in hell. 0 as in zero chance.
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