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Tom Brady and the Patriots came up big Saturday night in their win over Tennessee and will move on to the AFC Championship game next Sunday at Gillette Stadium.

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Question for Kraft Supporters

Discussion in 'The Practice Squad' started by Former Fan, Jan 10, 2018.

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  1. PatsFanSince74

    PatsFanSince74 Supporter Supporter

    Well, we're up to 80 messages or so, during the week before a Playoff Game!, rehashing the argument/discussion about Robert Kraft that's been going on out here for three years (or 10 years if the Reference Point is Spygate).

    Not sure what good it's going to do. People have all taken their positions and not many are going to change their minds.

    But, somehow we're all still out here, discussing and (unless one is a "Former Fan") supporting the team that is owned, lock, stock and barrel by one Robert Kraft, some in spite of him, some in gratitude to him, some in a combination of both...none of which are going to be resolved today.

    All I'll say is that, as I look around the NFL and as I consider the Pats success over the last 17 seasons, I don't see another owner I'd rather have for the Patriots than Robert Kraft, despite any and all of his errors and misjudgments, especially ______________ and the time when he _______________ and don't forget the fact that he___________________ (everyone, as I have done mentally, should fill in the blanks from their perspective).

    We're on to Tennessee!
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  2. Former Fan

    Former Fan Practice Squad Player

    There has been some relatively new developments (the Goodell extension) and wanted to see how people would change their narrative now that the "he secretly hates Goodell and is biding his time" narrative looks even more ridiculous than it did when they made it up originally.

    News flash: Nothing discussed on this board is ever going to solve anything, or resolve anything. If people are too busy discussing other things the thread will die. If not, it wont. That's how these things work.

    You're out of your mind if you wouldn't choose Mara or Rooney over Kraft. You know, the guys who actually have influence in the owners room. The ones that tell the shine boy to go get his box. The ones who have franchises that aren't covered in the stink of "cheaters".
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  3. IllegalContact

    IllegalContact Supporter Supporter

    I'll let you know if anything relevant to this happens Saturday nite
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  4. Jackson 2

    Jackson 2 Supporter Supporter

    The Rooneys don't have cheaters stink on them? Either you weren't around in the 70s or you slept through them. And the Giants had at least 3 cheating situations last year, not to mention the Josh Brown disgrace.
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  5. Former Fan

    Former Fan Practice Squad Player

    No, they don't. To everyone in the general public the Pats are big cheaters and the Giants and Steelers are not. That's what good ownership does.
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  6. Simpelton

    Simpelton 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    What good ownership does is two things. 1: set the team up to win, and 2: make enough money to keep the team viable where it is.

    That is the end of Kraft's obligations to us. And he has done those well.

    Robert Kraft is not a fan, he's an owner. He reacted to the current crisis like an owner rather than a fan. The only surprise is that anyone was surprised.

    He let his team do the talking and the team won the Superbowl, cleanly, with no hint of cheating despite the extreme microscope they were under. That's rebuttal enough to any cheating allegations, and really the only thing that would ever have persuaded anybody anyway.

    I don't get this idea that Kraft needed to impress us with his machismo in the Deflategate scandal. Really there's practically nothing he could have done anyway, and "going down swinging" had unacceptable costs associated with it that yould have yielded no ROI. Not good business.

    If he'd done what Jerry Jones did, he would have gotten exactly what Jerry Jones got -- nothing, except a slap in the face and a reminder that he was replaceable. Demanding that an owner pursue a nonoption is lunacy. But then that goes with being a fan I suppose, which we are and Kraft isn't expected to be.
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  7. Former Fan

    Former Fan Practice Squad Player

    I'm not going to bother with each point. I'll just say I wish I could hit "disagree" 6 times on this...once for each paragraph.
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  8. PatsFanSince74

    PatsFanSince74 Supporter Supporter

    And, in saying that, you're basically making my point: the topic has been hashed and rehashed for three years (or ten if the reference point is Spygate). People have come down on one side or the other or somewhere in between and aren't moving.
  9. Former Fan

    Former Fan Practice Squad Player

    And yet, no one is harmed by it. If you don't want to be involved, don't be. No one is forcing anyone to participate.

    Minds may not be changed, but positions will be articulated, which is informative.
  10. One-Be-Lo

    One-Be-Lo 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Anyone who hasn't gotten over DFG needs to quit watching football/posting nonsense.

    It was a screw job from the get-go, and most objective sports fans understand it's sham, the others WGAF?

    Kraft made some fiery comments, most likely tried to make some backroom deals, realized it was futile and that the NFL goonsquad is too powerful/enabled for one owner /franchise to take on.

    The Pats overcame that BS and won 2 of the best Superbowls ever.

    I can understand having some mistrust for Kraft after everything, but I don't think any billionaire should be fully trusted - they're living on another planet us normies would never understand.

    When it comes down to it, Kraft has his argument for best owner in the league, and from a fan perspective can we really ask for more than that?

    If DFG is still part of your brain's daily existence, just stop, find another hobby and check in a couple years down the road to update us on your hobby.
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  11. Former Fan

    Former Fan Practice Squad Player

    I guess you know you've struck a nerve when they move your thread for no reason whatsoever.
  12. pheenix11

    pheenix11 Supporter Supporter

    I'm just pissed about that story of him regretting coming out too hard against the league during deflategate. Most of us here thought he bent over and supplied the lube.
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