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Post Game Thread- Pats destroy the Jets

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I love it!!! We clinched a 1st round bye and we also killed the Jets....not much better than that.

Great game by our defense and by our offense. We go into the playoffs with some momentum.

13th straight home win.

Happy holidays to everyone.

Let's discuss!!!!!!


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Good win against a team ready to head to the golf course.

Now we see how good this team really is in 2 weeks and if they can sustain a balanced offense against good defensive teams like the Texans, Ravens and Chargers.


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A VERY Satisfying victory. Both sides of the line played a great game. Brady looked fine and even Gronk played. Now for the rest and prep for the playoff. Well done Gents

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The defense has been as good as you could potentially imagine given their talent level since halftime @Miami. Except for that damn 1:100,000 miracle play they played their best football in the last 10 quarters.

The edge setting still looks inconsistent but a lot better since Clayborn has been benched. Which sucks because he brings something to the table on third downs but he might just keep getting screwed by the numbers game of game actives. Shelton looks to be making a difference in the middle. Not that he is some kind of key cog but better than anything they put there while he was inactive. This might have been one of the best games I have seen Malcom Brown play. Hope he can stay "hot" through the playoffs.

The other thing that I really like about this years defense is the amount of turnovers they are creating. I think I read that they had multiple turnovers in 11 out of 16 games. If this can somewhat hold through the playoffs we will go deep no matter where the games happen.

The offense finally had the first real complete game since the KC encounter early in the season. Trent Brown remains inconsistent even though the idiot commentators can't really put it all together. Great job by Brady, Dorsett with another mentally tough performance where he was ready to play when he was called upon.

Finally let me just emphasize what crock of **** that call on Dwayne Allen was that negated Gronks 30yd gain. But on some level I guess the late hit on Brady that extended a drive and gave us 7 and this ******** evened out. That being said it is really debatable who was worse.. the refs or the Jets..
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Great game from every unit. Hopefully this continues into the playoffs.
Need to get Hogan and Dorsett involved a lot like today. And hopefully Gronk will do some damage. He has a week off to rest so that should help. This was a fantastic team win. The only blemish were the injuries to DMac and Wise, I hope they are both okay.

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Good game to close the regular season. Offense seems to be getting it together- good to see Hogan & Dorsett involved. On to the bye...these playoffs should be interesting!
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