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Please consider changing the forum layouts to use more of my screen

Discussion in 'The Help Desk' started by fnordcircle, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. fnordcircle

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    Sep 10, 2006
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    Having run a discussion board for 5k people I know it's a PITA, so I don't ask this lightly or to be a whiny ass but if you could consider changing the forums layout so that it uses maximum browser width that would be fantastic.

    My 24" monitor is cutting edge and I'd say that roughly half of the available space is just the blue background which seems weird in 2013.
  2. Ian

    Ian Administrator Staff Member

    Mar 5, 2000
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    I'm actually in the process of addressing that, considering the technology is finally there to start utilizing screen size more based on resolution. The tricky part is figuring out how to incorporate vBulletin into that mix, but I've got some ideas that I think should work out fairly well - although I'm not promising anything immediate. However, I do have something coming for game days that everyone will hopefully like. Stay tuned :)

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