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DRAFT Patriots OFFICIAL Draft Day thread - Night 1

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I absolutely love this trade down.

1.) A vote of confidence in Stidham.

2.) Getting #37 for #23 is not a big difference at this point.

3.) 4 third rounders, baby!!! Remember we drafted Thuney in round 3!!
Love could be there at 37 or Eason but I like Stidham Better than anyone


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You know that’s what TC for right, if OTA was a class the professor wouldn’t show up and tell the kids class is canceled for the day

It's a process. TC route reps are limited and mostly focus on competition, situational work and install reps. There is a reason QBs work with their receivers during the off season at or around their homes. The intricacies are done in OTA's, outside the facility reps etc...when they get to camp it's about going full steam ahead.


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Bill will swing and miss on 3 of those 5 picks (if they don't trade up or down), wait and see.


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Couldn't swing that 2021 1st out of the Chargers?
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