DRAFT Patriots OFFICIAL Draft Day thread - Night 1

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Yeah baby! Now they can trade up into Round 2 for a second pick in that round, which is where I think they can do the best for their team!


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I absolutely love this trade down.

1.) A vote of confidence in Stidham.

2.) Getting #37 for #23 is not a big difference at this point.

3.) 4 third rounders, baby!!! Remember we drafted Thuney in round 3!!


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I love it. Actually had SD as a trade partner in the other thread I believe.

So pumped. We're owning the rest of the draft.
When I used your Big Board doc in the mock draft simulators to trade back into that neighborhood, I'd usually wind up with Cesar Ruiz or Zach Baun in the 2nd and take the top TE with the additional pick.


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Trade value chart:
23: 760
37 + 71: 765
Still think it’s a bad move. So many great players available from 23-30, and Pats won’t have a shot at them. Dumb move as usual, but very predictable. Drafts aren’t Belichick’s forte, very average.


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Schefter just said we could take the same player at 37 that we’d take at 23. Strange turn of phrase. That sounds like Kmet or Hurts as I said earlier. You wouldn’t say that about McKinney, Epenesa etc.

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Without a gap from 23-87 was always going to be a trade down, particularly with a good chance of the same tier of player at 37 to 23. Hoping Espenesa may still be there

They could have traded up, instead.

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Ugh BB....why ?!?! I saw it coming but still so much sitting right there and you trade out yet again....wow
Given where our team is, we need lots of good players more than one very good player. Chances are we use the remaining picks to move up or down based on who Bill sees on the board that he likes.

I actually like the trade. A lot of good players gonna be available in the 3rd round.
Lord knows we need lots of good players.
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