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Patriots Coaching Staff (Not OC/DC)- Upgrades?


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Whether it’s Fat Matt, Judge or Belichick himself (or worst case, combination of all three) calling offensive plays…none of them instill a lot of confidence that they can bring an offensive game plan that brings the creativity and dynamics of the modern game.

And for all these people who are trying to justify this by saying just because they weren’t a great head coach doesn’t mean they are a not so great coordinator…your missing the point. As Belichick said himself, he (the head coach) is ultimately responsible. Didn’t Judge fire his OC and take on more responsibility and they still sucked ass?

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At least Judge was a QB in college.



2nd Team Getting Their First Start
TBH, I think the issue of a glaringly incompetent staff on offense makes this discussion moot. Until those two losers are gone, what is the point of this discussion? It's like polishing silverwear in the Titanic's dining room.

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