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Patriots Coaching Staff (Not OC/DC)- Upgrades?

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So, we know that McDaniels and Zeigler have left. The Patriots lost Dante at the end of 2020. Cole Popovich was cut because of the Covid Rules. Ivan Fears has retired. Bo Hardegree has moved on to the Raiders as well leaving the Pats without a QB coach/ Quality Control Coach.

The Pats didn't have an "OFFICIAL" DC. They are without an OC. They are without a RB coach, QB Coach, and QC Coachg. And Bricillo/Yates didn't seem like they were up to the task even as the season went on.

On the Offensive side of the ball:
Mick Lombardi - WR (Now with Raiders)
Troy Brown - WR/KR
Vinnie Sunseri - RB
Bricillo/Yates - OL ( Bricillo now with Raiders- Not retained)
Caley - TE/FB

On Defense:
Covington - DL
S. Belichick - OLB
Mayo - ILB
B. Belichick - Safeties
Pellegrino - CBs

I'd like to see the Pats bring in an O-Line coach from the college ranks.. Maybe someone like Matt Luke (Georgia), Alex Atkins (FSU) , or Sam Gregg (Liberty) out of the college. Bringing back Dante as an advisor or going with someone like Dan Roushar or Aaron Kramer as a Sen. Offensive Advisor might be in the cards.

I think that Sunseri is the new RB coach. That Ivan wouldn't have left otherwise. Though I wouldn't mind seeing Kevin Faulk hired.

For the QB Coach, they need to bring in someone who is going to make a commitment long term. Someone who will, eventually, become the OC. Someone who can help Mac refine his techniques to help him blossom into into an even better QB than he is.
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We have confirmation that Mick Lombardi has been hired as the OC for LV Raiders. Carmen Bricillo has been hired to be their O-Line Coach.

There is no way that Yates is getting a promotion to FULL-TIME O-line coach Just not enough experience.

It will be interesting to see what the Patriots do for QB Coach (as I don't believe that Judge is capable) and O-line as well as the DC.
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Come on Josh, he is sacking the milk out of the Pats. I don't want to see more Belichicks in the building. Could it be a factor behind these mass exodus?


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Damn I didn't know all the "You want McDaniels Gone? Careful what you wish for.." folks means he was going to take half the coaching staff.


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Come on Josh, he is sacking the milk out of the Pats. I don't want to see more Belichicks in the building. Could it be a factor behind these mass exodus?

Pretty soon the coaching section of the gameday mag is going to look like the Rock Ridge census.


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I was surprised to see McDaniels take Hardegree, Bricillo, and Lombardi with him to LV- that's something you just don't do in coaching circles, you just don't poach coaches.

McDaniels is basically telling BB to go **** himself. BB has made it known multiple times that he dislikes his coaches being poached because he spends a long time grooming them. There must be no love lost between the two.

If Ivan Fears retires as expected, that is a loss of FIVE coaches on the offensive side.

This is essentially a complete do-over.

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