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Patricia Vs Judge For Play Calling Duties?

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2022 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Same thing Cassel said, whoever is working w/ QB will be calling the plays.

"Despite reports that Patricia is the front-runner, my money for play-caller duties is still on Joe Judge. Why? I thought Mike Lombardi outlined well on a recent podcast. Unless Billy Yates huddles with the offensive line during games, having the offensive line coach call the plays is pretty unprecedented. The O-Line coach has his hands full on game day, discussing adjustments on the sideline with the offensive line. If Judge is the guy working with Mac and the rest of the skill players during the week and sitting with Mac to break down stills during games, he should be the one with the play sheet. You don’t have one guy working with the quarterback Monday-Saturday (Judge) and then pivot on Sunday to the offensive line coach (Patricia) calling plays. It doesn’t work like that."



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This isn't really to comforting if true. Fat Matt vs Joe Judge, competing to call the offensive plays this season.

Judge and Patricia are being considered to be the team's primary offensive play caller in 2022, according to Patriots' beat writers.

There are three certainties in life: Death, taxes and New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick welcoming back his former assistants after they failed as head coaches.
Former Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia and former New York Giants coach Joe Judge are back with the Patriots in 2022, and could play a significant role with the team after offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels joined the Las Vegas Raiders in the offseason.
Judge and Patricia are being considered to be the team's primary offensive play caller in 2022, according to Patriots' beat writers.

The decision may come down to a "competition of sorts," per Henry Coffey McKenna of Patriots Wire. It's unclear how that will look. Will Judge and Patricia alternate as the team's primary offensive play caller in training camp? How will Belichick measure success? Will it be based on the team's offensive performance? Will Belichick solicit opinions from prominent offensive players?

Can Joe Judge or Matt Patricia succeed as an offensive play caller?​

Are Judge and Patricia even qualified for this position? Patricia has not served as an offensive head coach since 2005, his second year with the Patriots. Following that season, Patricia moved to the defensive side of the ball. He worked his way up the team's defense, eventually being named the defensive coordinator in 2012. Patricia remained in that role until the 2018 season, when he was hired as the Lions' head coach. Patricia went 13-29-1 with the Lions before he was fired. He served as an adviser with the Patriots last season.

Judge made his name as a special teams coach. He has some offensive experience, serving as the Patriots' wide receiver coach in 2019. Judge was hired by the Giants in 2020, and went 10-23 with the team before getting fired. He rejoined the Patriots last season as an offensive assistant.

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Honestly I would prefer neither… I think this is an area that we should’ve really gone after and improved this off-season…


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I would seriously pick Hoyer to call plays above those guys, but since that's not an option, I'd prefer Matty P any day.
One, because he's had many years of being a coordinator and calling plays in big games.
Two, as a DC, he knows the offense from that perspective, and he wouldn't be the one designing the plays, just calling them per situation and flow. I do believe he has a good "game feel". (or at least way better than Judge)
Three, I like him as a person and coach - when he's not trying to prove something as a HC in Detroit, he seems to have always had a lot of love and respect from the players.
Four, he's not Judge.


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Anybody can call a play they feel will work, Joe or Matt will be fine there.. I'm really concerned about evalution of what the offense is doing and looking around the corner stratagies. Forward thinking, do this move to later get this other move to work. When the Patriot offense was really effective it was when they could change on the fly. Matchup illusion and making things look one way and do the total opposite. It will be interesting watching Bill call the plays which i am predicting.
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