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Other Stuff Nostradamus Wrote About Sunday's Game

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Mar 19, 2006
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Century I, Quatrain 30
Because of the storm at sea the foreign ship
will approach an unknown port.
Notwithstanding the signs of the palm branches,
afterwards there is death and pillage. Good advice comes too late.

(Because of internal discord at 1 PP, the Bucs foreign ship will be where Brady lands. Despite the palm branches, he's going to be sick at the presser. He woulda shoulda could put Sr. in the home and still be a Patriot.)

Century I, Q35 - I've analyzed this one elsewhere
The young lion will overcome the older one,
in a field of combat in single fight:
He will pierce his eyes in their golden cage;
two wounds in one, then he dies a cruel death.

Century I, Q41
The city is besieged and assaulted by night;
few have escaped; a battle not far from the sea.
A woman faints with joy at the return of her son,
poison in the folds of the hidden letters.

(Foxborough, SNF. At least it was close, nobody left the stadium. Galynn is really looking forward to TFB coming to visit. Sr. is still sending tweets, emails, etc.)

Century I Q43
Before the Empire changes
a very wonderful event will take place.
The field moved, the pillar of porphyry
put in place, changed on the gnarled rock.

Yes, the Empire is New England. Before another team is the ruling dynasty of the league, a wonderful event will take place. The field moved -- Your New England Patriots will bounce back, continuing their empire status at least until a move to a new stadium. The pillar of porphyry - porphyry is a type of stone and a disease, and there's a dual meaning. (1) when we move the field, we'll put up a pillar made of the stone, and/or, we'll somehow commemorate the American Revolution (King George III died of Porphyry the disease) in a permanent memorial at the new field. There's gonna be a gnarled rock involved where they'll set up the pillar or monument, and they'll have to change it or something.

Anyway, until we set up the new digs, it ain't over. I mean, unless I got it wrong or Nostradamus isn't magic.

Century 1, Q. 48
When twenty years of the Moon's reign have passed
another will take up his reign for seven thousand years.
When the exhausted Sun takes up his cycle
then my prophecy and threats will be accomplished.

20 years of the Moon's reign refers to Brady's 20 years on top. Mac Jones will take over for the next 7,000 years, give or take. We don't know who this sun is yet but he sounds tired. Anyhoo, when he finally shows up you can stop reading my prophecies etc.

Century 1 Q. 78
To an old leader will be born an idiot heir,
weak both in knowledge and in war.
The leader of France is feared by his sister,
battlefields divided, conceded to the soldiers.

Line 1-2. Nostradamus is not so high on Steve Belichick. Hey I report, you decide.
L. 3 - Emmanuel Macron's sister, Estelle, is afraid of him. I speculate that she is a JETE fan, jete being of course "jump" in French, pointing to a veiled threat of defenestration.
L.4. - This team hates its coach.

Century II, Q8
Temples consecrated in the original Roman manner,
They will reject the excess foundations,
Taking their first and humane laws,
Chasing, though not entirely, the cult of saints.

L1 - Clearly a reference to NFL stadiums where large QBs -- like the Rams' Roman Gabriel (by the standards of his day) play
L2 - Where these big QBs play, fundamentals will be considered superfluous old-school drilling
L3 - they'll be snowflakes too
L4 - And they'll wear paper bag on their heads like saints fans, excepting the Brees years.

Century II, Q10
Before long all will be set in order,
We will expect a very sinister century,
The state of the masked and solitary ones much changed,
Few will be found who want to be in their place.

L1-2 - The 21st century will be set in order... remember Bush's "New World Order"? That. 21st century might not be the best. The state of the masked and solitary ones is pretty much Massachusetts. Few will be found who want to be in their place, I assume that's Patriots Place. You really want to go in person in a pandemic?

Century II, Q25
The foreign guard will betray the fortress,
Hope and shadow of a higher marriage:
Guard deceived, fort seized in the press,
Loire, Saone, Rhone, Garonne, mortal outrage

Ok I am getting tired. Something about the o-line, obviously, good night.

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