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I've been in a lot of lockerrooms, but I've never seen one of those with a fingernail on the front! :eek:



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This thread is like putting a how to video on youtube on how to remove your hub bearing and everybody is rather interested in talking about your damn cat who was in view.


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Who knew boomers on an NFL discussion board would be so catty about mani-pedi issues.


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I restore cars for a living. I use all sorts of harsh stuff but I protect those digits.
So do I. It's just having a bad hair day. It's not very photogenic. It looks much nicer in person. Beauty is on inside.

Ok. That's all I got.


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When we had a political forum I used to sign my threads "PFnV"

Man, you should have seen people's heads explode. Reasons to hate me went, from most frequent to least,

1) Length of posts
2) Big words
3) that signoff
4) Actual content

And frankly, it was an unwritten rule that any response to content would be predominantly attacks on the purported character or characteristics of one's bete noire.

Kinda miss the place... :/
I miss it too at times.


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I've probably hit the " undo rating" option more than any other.:D
Nope, I think I'm the winner there... due to smoking cigars outdoors in the cold, and posting...

...with gloves on. o_O


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Just want to throw this out there. If you ever see me in a locker room please don't stare at any of my appendages.


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I actually do think it's cool that Chris does that signoff (to the extent it amuses me, I am reminded of those Andrew Luck Civil War letters).

I really would like to know why he does it. Since it's not required, I imagine there's some interesting motivation involved. Maybe he just misses snail mail and its lost graces? A mini tribute?
I think PJ asked before and my reply still holds: An old carryover from the usenet Pats group 20 years ago. When I came over here, I kept the signoff. It's basically shtick at this point. Weren't you on that usenet group?


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. Weren't you on that usenet group?
Yep. I'm guessing we didn't interact much. The only names I can recall from those days are BrewGnat (what happened to him?) and the esteemed @PatsWickedPissah.

My favorite memory is trolling a Browns* fans who called us all `hippocrates'.

*Was hoping for Jets, but no, I saw a reference to Cleveland during my trip down memory lane.
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