OT: Official Titans vs. Chargers Game Thread

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Nov 29th

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Well they finally won a playoff game. Too bad it was against the crappy Titans. They are going to get blown up in Indy next week.

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IMO the only teams that can claim they played well this weekend are Seattle and NY. I'm not impressed with anything I've seen from SD or Jax.

I agree with this. NY is going to give the Cowboys a hard time. That will not be an easy win for them at all.


wait why is everyone jumping to conlcusions the colts are going to win, tenn d is way better than the colts and they are a more physical teams, im putting money on Chargers!


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if you go by the rules fischer is right. forward progress was stopped

Can't challenge forward progress though. Whistle wasn't blown until after he stuck the football out. Damn lucky.

And the Chargers I hope will tone down the celebrating. The Titans are terrible. And they will get steamrolled by the Colts.


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The whistle was blown after he broke the plane (second attempt)... So they hadn't ruled him down yet and that's why it was a TD...

The whistle has nothing to do with it. You can't challenge sound. And besides, you can't use the fact that a ref was wrong on the field to argue against the fact that a ref was wrong on the field.


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Let's face it.

Let's face it. SD pulls this one off. Beat up obviously. JAX comes to foxboro. What bad it is for a 16-0 team. Not much. As allways we will earn our victories. Not in others weakness. 19-0 and a super bowl may have to come in tough way possible.


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With 8 minutes left, my only observation is "Wow, do both of these teams SUCK!" How many times have the Titans gotten into the red zone without a TD? How bad are the Chargers struggling against a team that barely beat the Colts second team?


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for a guy whos built like an animal and runs a 4.4 or 4.3..Henry sucks very badly at returning kicks. runs side ways and jukes too much and gets nowhere
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