OT: Brett Favre received $1.1M welfare funds for speeches not given

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read about this... straight up fraud on a felony level. guy needs jail.


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Typical government WASTE, paying an athlete 500K for a speech... why????


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I admittedly have not read up on it, and quite frankly don't believe 95% of the media actually does enough investigating or has enough integrity to dig in and find the the truth versus running with the sensationalism that will lead to...well...clicks today or to be the "first" to report irregardless of facts.

With that precursor out of the way:

Two questions
1. Why would welfare funds ever be diverted for speeches/motivational speakers etc...
2. Did he even know that is where the funds came from?

Ok three questions:
3. If he didn't know where the funds came from, had a contract that guaranteed him a certain dollar amount...even if the government cancelled, how could you fault him for that?

Now if he knew, then **** him and anyone involved!

If he just learned of it and is returning the money, then good on him.

One last question with all the millions spent, why is he the only name out there? Why am I not reading about Mississippi government officials and employees that I never heard of?

Hence my reservation to go all in Favre being a POS.


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He was paid 1.1 million and he was “unaware” of the source of those funds? Uh.. Would think he or is financial council would have some sort of grip on that.

Gotta love supposed charity endeavors..all about doing good and bettering those served, and not taking anything in return..


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You could half the size and budget of the federal government and nobody would notice the difference, except of course, the people stealing from it.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
From the article. Another story of money allocated for low income people diverted to business interests tied to the chief executive (Governor, in this case). Favre isn't the main story here at all.

John Davis was director of the Department of Human Services from January 2016 until July 2019, appointed by then-Gov. Phil Bryant -- a Republican who also appointed White to office when a previous auditor stepped down.

The auditor's report said Human Services leaders, particularly Davis, "participated in a widespread and pervasive conspiracy to circumvent internal controls, state law, and federal regulations'' to direct grant money to certain people and groups. Davis instructed two groups that received grants, the Mississippi Community Education Center and Family Resource Center of North Mississippi, to spend money with certain other people or groups, the auditor's report said.


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"I have never received moneys for obligations I didn't meet."

And yet he didn't make those speeches, there's more to this that needs clarification to be credible.


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Farve did not begin to pay the money back until he was caught in the audit.

What a joke. Nobody said a word around tax preparation time in 2 successive years? Farve did not question how he was the beneficiary of a half million bucks?. Non taxable too. 2017 - Hey, where did this $500,000 in income come from?

Farves charity needs to be audited and investigated.


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Don't know but it's possible someone in his position has a financial person managing his funds so the money comes in and the bookkeeper or accountant takes it in as earned income without knowing if there was an actual speech given. Favre wouldn't be the first athlete to pay little attention to his money.

I'm not saying this is what happened but it is possible. It's also possible he knew but I'd wait until we hear more before convicting him.


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You could half the size and budget of the federal government and nobody would notice the difference, except of course, the people stealing from it.
I agree. The military industry would be a nice place to start. Lockheed Martin and Raytheon are doing what Favre did on a much larger scale.


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It is TANF, a food stamp program. Maybe Brett didn't know, but his agent did. It is called fraud.
Even if Favre didn't know the source, he got $1.1 million for not giving speeches? Something's not Kosher here.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
Why would someone give him a million dollars for nothing?

Maybe is was payback for shaving a few points here and there.