OT Big Ben throws a fit because Steelers drafted a QB

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Dec 6th

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It's amazing how steeler fans hate a guy like Brady so much (besides the fact that he owns them) and yet defend a human piece of garbage like Bathroom Benny.. Then again critical thinking isn't their strong suit.

I can’t speak for all the Stiller fans I know, but I think a lot of them cheer for Ben the QB, not Ben the human.


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I think he's got himself confused for a guy with good prospects to win it all... there's only 1 TFB, and you ain't him, Ben.

Pixburgh can dump him and move on with impunity if he goes down this road. He hasn't done enough to merit the Garoppolo scenario. TFB, the one guy I can remember who straight-up won his way into banishing an heir apparent, doesn't get this "out of line," and he can (comparatively speaking,) afford to.

TFB used his one shot to say "I wish MB had played." That's as out-of-line as he's gotten, in the public eye. And it was in support of another player, phrased in a way that could be heard as sympathy for that player as much as questioning BB (despite TFB's much-reported emerging ego.)

I won't lie--the above, along with the Gronk stuff, makes you think there are cracks in the vertical integration that's the hallmark of Patriots football.

But good to see reports like this from other teams. They remind you how far the Pats have to fall. (Not that it can't happen fast.)


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Based on what? Conference titles...playoff appearances...that team should be winning SB's not hanging playoff banters. Their offense was garbage in the playoffs.. at home...against a Florida team

That same Florida team made our stellar offense look quite pedestrian for 80% of the game.
Nobody knows better than us how hard it is to win the Super Bowl...and how easy it is to lose one. All of our Super Bowl outcomes have come down to one or two plays.
I don’t like Ben, but I wouldn’t dump on him for not winning more than two Super Bowl‘s and losing a third. That statistic tells you how great the Patriots were during his career.


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Same BR that was deciding on retiring after we eliminated him yet again from AFCCG? Guess he didn't want to rape I mean wrap it up for good.


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However, I do think he's had a HoF career. Numbers. SBs.

With that said he isn't even close to Tom on all levels. That's how spoiled we are and great Tom is.

With the exception of AB and LB I dont think he really has had great talent to lean on.

Hines Ward, Holmes, Parker, Wallace and Mendenhall were very good talents. Not great.

I think that is well said. He isn't in the same galaxy as Tom Brady on any level, especially between the ears. And his skills (which were mostly natural athletic ability) have degraded rapidly with age, unlike Brady. Last year he looked really bad for much of the year and improved only somewhat later, even with a great OL and with great weapons at RB and WR.

However, there was a time about 10 years ago when he was a really scary quarterback. I remember his comeback in Super Bowl XLIII against the Cardinals when he was behind with 2 1/2 minutes left and marched them down 88 yards for the TD and victory. Not many QB's not named Tom Brady have done that in the highest pressure situations, and after all he did win 2 superbowls. He was a very, very good QB.

He just isn't anymore. And, I don't think we Pats Fans remember how good some of those Pittsburg teams were because of the magic elixir against them that Tom Brady and BB had, Brady in particular seemed to always be able to figure out the Pittsburg defense.
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