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"That dude is something else": Malcolm Butler vs. Antonio Brown should once again be a treat to watch. #Patriots

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@sae244532 I don't know. A woman/mother is dead, and it sure seems like Jerry Remy factored into that. It ends there for me.

Ot: BC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Boston College Fan Forum' started by shmessy, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. letekro

    letekro Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    Why have instant replay if you're going to give so much deference to the call on the field?? Especially when the guy on the field didn't even see the play!!!
  2. patsonmyback

    patsonmyback Rookie

    And people think the best athles are in the Sout, Florida, Texas, etc,

    The east coast is on fire, and dominating in all sports, especially football.

    It would be the coolest thing ever if We, BC and the Sox won it all.

    Heres to hoping.:eat2:
  3. letekro

    letekro Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract

    The best athletes are in Florida. I bet a Florida HS all-star football team could beat the rest of the nation.
  4. mgcolby

    mgcolby Woohoo, I'm a VIP!!! Supporter

    Exactly! Both of those VT replays were horrible. After that I thought for sure they were going to overturn BC's first TD.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2007
  5. shmessy

    shmessy . Supporter

    Actually, the best athletes ARE from the South, Florida, Texas, etc.
  6. Kdo5

    Kdo5 Pro Bowl Player

    I was screaming and running around the house going crazy. Unbelievable. BC will remain #2 in the standings, easily. AMAZING WIN against a tough team in a tough stadium.
  7. Wildo7

    Wildo7 Totally Full of It

    That TD especially (if there was a one foot in rule) would have been an absolute no brainer in the NFL. How could they watch that and think it was a good call? I really don't get it.
  8. PATRIOT64

    PATRIOT64 In the Starting Line-Up

    I hate to be the party pooper here but what does this have to do with the Patriots or the NFL?

    I have seen more things closer connected to the NFL that got removed/transferred from this forum.

    Is it because a MOD started the topic? - HMMMMMM
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2007
  9. BelichickFan

    BelichickFan TB12 = G.O.A.T. Supporter

    Matt Ryan needs to go before the SF pick :rocker:
  10. shmessy

    shmessy . Supporter

    We allow things that are OT only if they are time sensitive. The Clay Bucholz no-hitter this summer was a case in point as it was ongoing. This thread was started within 3 minutes of the TD pass.

    Since you rightfully requested it though, Patriot64, I will now move this thread to the BC forum.
  11. mgcolby

    mgcolby Woohoo, I'm a VIP!!! Supporter

    Well, considering OT was in the topic and the majority of us on this board root for all of the Boston teams not just the Pats, seems like a reasonable answer to me? :confused:

    It beats the F*ck out of the *****ing and moaning that most are doing about the media lately. That crap is getting old!
  12. PATRIOT64

    PATRIOT64 In the Starting Line-Up

    Thats cool Shmessy, thanks

    Although I could have lived with it but just to be fair to some others that have got thier posts tossed elsewhere,that all.

    And besides,There are probably others like me who don't give much desire to follow or hear much about College Football until Draft time comes around,thats when I search for all kinds of info on the guys - for me its strictly NFL and College for the draft eligibles.

    Maybe/if someday when the stupid bowls go away and they have a tournament style playoff (which will probably never happen), I may begin to have some interest in the collegiate play.
  13. shmessy

    shmessy . Supporter

    I agree with you, Pat64. It all comes down to if an OT is time sensitive to something happening at or around that moment.

    The ones that are moved immediately to the proper forum are always ones that are not time sensitive (i.e. "Do you think Ellsbury should replace Manny in left next year" , etc.)

    On the other hand, if the Dow Jones goes up 2,000 points tomorrow, an OT thread would probably be OK on the main forum within 30 minutes of the 4:00pm close. Then it would be moved.

    It's all good.
  14. NEPat

    NEPat Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Pats and Sox yes, since they're both NE teams, but you only root for BC if you have ties to the school. Plenty of New Englanders don't want to see BC win I'm sure.

    But congrats on their big win.
  15. Wildo7

    Wildo7 Totally Full of It

    I have a weird situation since my bro goes to BU.

    I hope for BU hockey
    BC Football
    The Pats
    The Celts
    The Sox
    The Bruins
    The Revolution (I guess)
    George "Rush" St. Pierre

    If all of those win in the same year, I'll stop watching sports cuz there's just no point anymore.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2007
  16. Sean Pa Patriot

    Sean Pa Patriot Veteran Starter w/Big Long Term Deal

    Not if you dont give a rats ass about Baseball and the Sox.. I do hope the Sox win now, since I will be glad its over by sunday... and then we have a half a week to get ready for the real sporting event in Pats vs Colts.. :rocker:
  17. Boston Boxer

    Boston Boxer U.S. Air Force Retired Supporter

    no, VT was #8 in the country...great win
  18. Haterproof

    Haterproof Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    I think Ohio State is going down Saturday.If OSU does indeed lose tomorrow BC will definitely be #1 in the rankings.BC & OSU basically holds their own fate.If either team loses by the end of the season LSU will replace them in the championship game.

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