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Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Vikings beat the Pats

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This is where we gather to follow things on Game Day. Obviously, emotions tend to be high so if anyone gets a little crazy, the use of the “Mute” button is encouraged on anyone who may be annoying to you to control your experience and to allow the moderators to also enjoy the game.

At the same time, please take a deep breath before over-reacting for the sake of making this a pleasant experience for everyone.

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I think Bill will be in the special teams meetings this week.

I liked how the offense performed for most of the game, hopefully they can build on it.

I‘m surprised Judson didn’t have more of an impact tonight, the Cowboys sacked Cousins 7 times last game.


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Mac Jones doesn’t have an a ounce of clutch in him. I can’t remember one prime time signature comeback win through 2 years. Crumbles under pressure. Part of that is he can’t extend plays like an Allen or Mahomes. He wasn’t the reason we lost but nothing about him strikes me as special. A serviceable starter.
I think you're being a little unfair. He's been in the league less than two years and was just a rookie last year and did about as well as he could have done today. If Agholor doesn't slow up on that route, he put the ball right where he needed to.

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I am not saying moral victory here. But even though the Pats lost this game, I feel more confident they can make the playoffs than I did before tonight. The offense showed tonight that they can score points if they need to. It was the defense and special teams that let the team down today.

If the Pats won today on another game where the Pats score only field goals, I would actually feel less confident about their chances of making the playoffs.

They have a tough road either way. But at least the offense showed it can actually score points and be efficient. Still needs work, but worlds better than it was.


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He played well but there’s still that issue of taking sacks when he should be throwing it away. This needs to get fixed.

Which is where the IQ comes into play.

Mac isn't why they lost but that doesn't mean he couldn't of made some better decisions tonight.

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this is not a good defense. they are average at best. Mac Jones played a good game. Bill, Patricia, whoever are way to effing conservative. they need to get better on first down. WAY to many sideways passes for no gain, one yard. just a disgusting way to lose a game. what happened to Bill being a special team genius? just a disappointing loss

With all the emphasis Bill has placed over the years on special teams, it's hard stomach losing games because of special teams now.


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The overturned TD catch by Hunter Henry was tough. Not sufficient evidence in my mind.

And Duggar was plainly held, a non call, on the kickoff dash for a TD. But he needs to sell it better to the refs.

Did you see the Vikings punter do a Dustin Hoffmann acting routine? Touch his leg and he acts like he’s being electrocuted.

Mac Jones proved a lot of doubters wrong.

But just as I said in the pregame forum two names would stand out if we were to lose: Myles Bryant and Justin Jefferson.

Give credit to Cousins. He didn’t wilt in this prime time game.

Dee Wise was quiet this game.


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I am looking forward to this thread being positive because Mac had a career high.

Against the Jets (x2) and the Colts a lot of people were on here saying the story wasn’t the win but Mac playing poorly.

I’m excited to see people be intellectually consistent and focus glowingly on how Mac played rather than the other phases of the games.

Personally I find this loss a lot more frustrating than the wins people were whining about. Refs screwed the Pats, but also the penalties to extend drives hurt (Judon offsides on 3rd and long to get the Vikings in a manageable situation as well as the Strong running into the kicker)
Lots of people are praising Mac's game, while noting it was definitely not mistake free.


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He had 382 yards and 2 tds and this is your takeaway from the game?

Not the poor special teams/defense. Or the robbed TD to Henry

The anti Mac crowd really are insufferable. If this was zappe you guys would be building statues in Gillette.
Well I mean they did cheer his name like Brady after he threw for 188 against the Lions.


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The more of these BS penalties called and obvious ones not called, the more I believe the NFL is rigged. Laugh all you want but some of the **** is unreal.
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