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Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Raiders beat the Pats

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This is where we gather to follow things on Game Day. Obviously, emotions tend to be high so if anyone gets a little crazy, the use of the “Mute” button is encouraged on anyone who may be annoying to you to control your experience and to allow the moderators to also enjoy the game.

At the same time, please take a deep breath before over-reacting for the sake of making this a pleasant experience for everyone.


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I thought I saw it all!!!! Horrible officiating, cost us the game and a horrible play by Meyers....enough said.....Take it over everyone, lets discuss.
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The referees didn't do the Patriots any favors but that last play was the worst play I've ever seen in my life.

I don't understand what the benefit gained would have been since he threw the ball back like 15 yards.

That pretty much seals the Patriots fate in regards to the playoffs


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
Who do you blame for this one. Possibly everybody. That was a Miami Miracle nonsense ****. They have to know a tie is okay


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n6249c Supporter Supporter
Undisciplined team. This was the ultimate display of that. would be fitting for that play to cost them all a playoff paycheck.

aluminum seats

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"I have no idea what Jacobi Meyers was doing"

Athletes are stupid. They need to be coached.

Worst coached team in the league. Spare me the ref talk.


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Im so ****ing sick of football right now

Our team has to play against the other team
The refs,
And our offensive coaching staff.

Everygame it feels like we're starting from behind the 8-ball.

What a ****ing absolute clown fiesta

Matt patricia being in charge of calling plays has single handedly wasted a year of our young QB.

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