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PostGame Thread Official Post Game Thread- Pats beat the Jets

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Good article by Lazar about the 10 things we learned from the win today:

1. Pats QB Mac Jones Takes the Short Route Once Again​

After spending all that money in free agency and drafting a first-round quarterback, the lack of explosive plays in the passing game is frustrating.
That's all I needed to read to ignore the rest. It's Jones' 2nd game, and both against really good DCs. Take the wheels off early and you get Zach Wilson.

You want Mac seeing ghosts? Or do you want him easing in? Heck, half the people here wanted him not to even be playing until at least week 5, or even next year. What they're getting out of him RIGHT NOW is remarkable. Let the game slow down, slow down, slow down for him.


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We have 2 high paid tight ends. I'd like to see them used in the RedZone more.

Not one throw into the end zone. Maybe that is why we are having struggles. Everyone in the stadium knew we were going to run 3 times
On the last two RZ series, sure. And rightly so. 19-3 is a 2-score game. 22-3 is a 3-score game.

And the last series in the RZ, the clock was more important than the TD. The goal is to win games.


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NO should be a good test of where we are, Tampa is pretty dubious at this point. BUF did what we could not do, put a solid hit on Tua, knocked him out and went on to a blowout.

I'd say we're on track for a wild card at best, hoping for more is mis-managing expectations, IMO.
Judon hit Tua as hard as anything Buffalo did.

A wild card would be great with a rookie QB and something like 25 new players on the roaster.

Wax Frog

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I definitely don't like a lot of salt on my food, but it's not as simple as that.

I'd say we're on track for a wild card at best, hoping for more is mis-managing expectations, IMO.
mis-managing >>>>> tampering :haha:


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the more they disrespect Jones, the hotter his fire to succeed grows.

Jones has far exceeded any expectations I had for him. I hope he keeps to taking what the defense gives him.

yeah im not sure how the media is complaining that he has passed for 73% after 2 games with a shaky oline


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Adam Jones already is saying Mac Jones has proven he is Jared Goff and nothing more....

2 games into his career..
Again, 98.5.

The entire station employs dorks who never played sports. If they did, they sucked and were cut from teams in high school. Every single last one of em. I have family that went to high school with Tony Mazz. They said he was the kid everyone picked on. Not surprising.

When I went to listen to an expert on a topic, I usually source someone who has experience and knows what they're talking about on that topic.

98.5 isn't the place for that. How rubes listen to that is beyond me.


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I wrote "on track for a wild card at best" which you translated to "ONLY the Wild Card is what is in reach" which is a typical Internet asshat move, take something someone else says and exaggerate it as far as you can, then treat it as if it is what I said when it's not.

You do know that what has happened over the last 17 years happened with different players on our team, different players on the other teams, different coaches on those teams, different schedules, and so on, right?

You do realize all it takes is BUF to win the conference for my prediction to be true, right?

It supports the idea that I know each year is its own thing and past excellence doesn't guarantee future excellence, but you go ahead and believe whatever you want to believe.

If you want to believe in past performance predicts future performance, consider that BUF won the conference last season.

I'll wait for your hangover to clear, I haven't touched a drop in years.

I won't wait for your apology, you've already shown you're disingenuous, but I will wait for you to look that word up.
Clearly, you're still drunk and a d-bag. I didn't exaggerate ANYTHING. I went with exactly what you stated. At no point did I say they would ONLY get the Wild card. Like I said. Try improving your English Language comprehension because right now it's that of a 3rd grader.

Only in you're asinine world does past performance 100% predict Future performance. No where did I imply that. In fact, you are showing yourself to be the asshat by taking what I said and exaggerating it. The HC is still the same over the last 20 seasons.

Nothing you've said to this point supports the idea that you know that each year is it's own thing. In fact, You've said NOTHING to support that claim. And your "synopsis" sure as hell DIDN'T come close to suggesting that. Clearly you've decided to just throw BS at the wall in a ridiculous attempt to make yourself look smart.

You do realize that all it takes if for the Pats to win the division for your garbage to be 100% wrong. And since Buffalo looked pretty mortal against a crappy Steelers team, pretending like what they did against Miami is indicative of the rest of their season isn't a good showing either.

You'll forgive everyone for not believing your lies about not drinking.

The only disingenuous person here is you. You're entire initial post was BS and you got called on it. And all you're doing now is spinning things like a Jets fan, Deus, or NEM.
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that Adam Jones mutt needs an old fashioned Southie beatdown...I mean curbstomp this punk until he can't form words